Baby naming

  • Do you want to welcome you baby into the world, give them their name and publicly make promises to them about your commitment to them and your love for them?

  • Do you want to blend two cultures together into a naming Ceremony that is as unique as you and your child(ren)?

  • Do you want to welcome siblings into the world together?

Sometimes families have connections with a Church or Faith group. Families may then have their children blessed in a special way and welcomed into the family of the Church or religious group they attend. Sometimes families do not have this connection. A naming Ceremony is a way of welcoming your child into the world; you may feel more comfortable with a naming Ceremony.

You can appoint Godparents/Guideparents who make promises to befriend and protect your child, alongside you until adulthood. You may wish Grandparents, Siblings, extended family, or family friends to take part making promises and taking vows.

The Ceremony can be as simple or as complex as you wish. Usually my Ceremonies last for 20 minutes.

There is no right or wrong way.

No template, no pro-forma, just the desire to tell the World that your family has a new and very much-loved addition.

Your Ceremony can contain religious, non-religious, or spiritual elements. It can include music, poetry, readings and wonderful rituals like blowing bubbles, sand blending, choosing pebbles or planting bulbs to symbolise the love that your child(ren) are surrounded by.


Together we can create a beautiful occasion for you and your family. You may choose to gift your child a Guest book so that family and friends can write special messages in it at the venue, during the ceremony. This may often be shared as a memory for your child(ren), and in time may become a family heirloom.
Naming Ceremonies can take place anywhere. You may choose a village hall, a Social Club or your own home and garden. You can invite as many or as few as you wish. Your family is unique, together we will build a beautiful Ceremony which will reflect this and will give lasting memories of this special day.

Naming Ceremonies can be added to other Ceremonies too. Perhaps a birthday party for a sibling or other family member where the whole family will be together. This is a beautiful way to welcome children to the family. Perhaps you would like to add a naming Ceremony to the beginning of your Wedding Ceremony…. A beautiful celebration of family life…

Family unity Ceremonies

Family unity Ceremonies

Family unity Ceremonies can involve the whole family and are a good way of uniting a new family in an outward celebration of love and welcoming. Often when two families are merging there is an opportunity for the new family to be celebrated. A sand ceremony with pictures is a unique way of sharing this visually… There are other ways we can do this… Just contact me to share your ideas and I’ll be happy to help you organise a beautiful Ceremony which will meet all of your needs. The time, venue and words can be of your choosing.

Grandparents can take a role in the Ceremony in a way you feels is fitting for your Ceremony. There are lots of poems and readings you could choose. You may wish for Grandparents to make promises to your new family.

Siblings also can play their part within the ceremony – perhaps with a presentation of a gift, a poem, sharing a favourite toy, or just presenting a flower to their new brother or sister. There are also lots of poems and readings which are perfect for young children to read themselves or memorise!

The family combinations and possibilities are endless, and so Ceremonies can be unique, exciting and uplifting.

The family combinations and possibilities are endless, and so Ceremonies can be unique, exciting and uplifting.



Naming and Family Unity Ceremonies begin at £300 for a simple Ceremony. Each Ceremony is bespoke and involves a family visit, or email/telephone conversations plus writing time, as well as the Ceremony itself.

Please contact me to chat through your requirements.

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